Built-In Plugins

Planetary.js comes with several built-in plugins that provide a base set of functionality. (Note that the planetaryjs-noplugins.js file, as its name suggests, does not include the plugins). They are described in detail on their own pages, but are:

  • Earth - a combination of the topojson, oceans, land, and borders plugins.
  • TopoJSON - loads TopoJSON data via Ajax (or via configuration) and makes it available for use by other plugins
  • Oceans - fills in the globe with a solid color
  • Land - uses data from the topojson plugin to draw Earth's land masses
  • Borders - uses data from the topojson plugin to draw borders between Earth's countries
  • Pings - draws animated, circular pings on the globe
  • Zoom - enables mouse-based zooming of the globe via the mouse wheel
  • Drag - enables mouse-based rotation of the globe via dragging

Built-in plugins are exposed as properties on planetaryjs.plugins.

If you do not specify any plugins (globally or per-instance), Planetary.js will use the earth and pings plugins with their default settings.