Sometimes you just need to see some code to get an idea started; here are a few examples of what you can build with Planetary.js.

Basic Globe

It doesn't get any simpler than this: just a static globe, built using built-in plugins with nothing up our sleeves!

plugins: earth d3: projections

Rotating Globe with Pings

If there's one thing that's better than a globe, it's a globe that rotates. This is the demo from the homepage of Planetaryjs.com, and so includes a custom auto-rotation plugin and zoom/drag integration.

plugins: earth, pings, drag, zoom custom plugins d3: projections

2013 Seismic Activity Visualization

A visualization of 2013 seismic activity. This demo shows the use of multiple custom plugins, D3 scales, fetching third party data, and DOM updates via D3.

plugins: earth, pings, drag, zoom custom plugins d3: projections, scales, selections, events, external data